What Millennials Want – Part 2: Development

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What Millennials Want – Part 2: Development

Harnessing the power of the millennial mindset to improve workplace productivity

This post is part 2 in a 6-part series on understanding the millennial mindset and adapting workplace culture to engage this rapidly growing generation of employees. Click here to read part 1.

 In our previous post, we presented some important statistics about the millennial generation and how engaging them is crucial to the future success of organizations. In this post, we’ll be taking a deeper look at the second component of the millennial mindset:

#2: “I am not pursuing job satisfaction; I am pursuing development.”

Most millennials don’t care about the bells and whistles found in many workplaces today―the ping-pong tables, fancy latte machines and free food that companies often use to entice workers in an effort to create job satisfaction. Giving out toys and entitlements is a leadership mistake, and worse, it’s condescending. Purpose and development drive this generation like no other.

According to a Gallup report, 59% of millennials rate “opportunities to learn and grow” as an important factor to consider when looking for jobs. This tells us that millennials are much more focused on the future than on the present.

It’s also interesting to note that millennials change jobs more often than other generations. Defined by their lack of attachment to institutions and traditions, more than half say they’re currently looking for a new job.

Action Steps:

Just because they are actively seeking new jobs, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re looking for a new company. Millennials are often dismissed as job hoppers who aren’t worth hiring, but the fact is, they are simply not engaged at work. Instead of avoiding them, leaders should seek to engage them and encourage their development by providing a variety of opportunities for them to learn and be challenged. This may mean paying for them to attend leadership training workshops, classes, conferences, and other events that will further their professional growth. As a result, as millennials become more engaged you’ll experience an increase in productivity and a reduction in employee turnover, long-term.

Let Throwing Words help you engage your millennial workforce. To learn more about Throwing Words or to schedule a consultation, please visit throwingwords.com or call 704-942-8007.

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