What is Relational Productivity?

Joe is an extrovert. He’s great at conversing with people, using speech to convey important messages and persuading his listeners to take action. He is also a visionary – full of big ideas and skilled at getting others to execute them. His ability to influence those with whom he comes in contact makes him a solid match for the new role in your sales department.

Misty is an introvert and an excellent writer. She’s wonderful at reading people, making her a solid communicator as well. She prefers to listen more than talk, and her listening skills come in handy when visionaries like Joe need someone to hear and execute their big ideas.

Put Joe behind a desk and ask him to crank out sales copy or a speech for your CMO’s next big tradeshow presentation, and it might take him hours to get you a paragraph. Misty will get it done in 30 minutes, and it’ll move an audience to tears.

Put Misty in a crowded meeting room and ask her to share her thoughts on a new sales strategy and she freezes up, later retreating to her desk to frown over everything she should have said – and would have said – if she had had time to think or write down her thoughts beforehand. Joe, on the other hand, would sell the whole room on the strategy (or not) in 10 minutes or less.

This is relational productivity, in action.

Your employees all have various strengths, which are well suited to certain relational tasks in the workplace – relational tasks being those which are accomplished through interactions among associates.

Improving relational productivity starts with defining the strengths of each member of your workforce. Once you know everyone’s strengths, you can then structure your interactions to capitalize on them most effectively. Workers who are encouraged to utilize their strengths are said to be more engaged and more productive on a daily basis.

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