The Importance of Passion & Purpose in Igniting Employee Performance

Throwing WordsRelational ProductivityThe Importance of Passion & Purpose in Igniting Employee Performance

The Importance of Passion & Purpose in Igniting Employee Performance

Today’s workforce is filled with millennials who are no longer content with simply working to get a paycheck. They’re entrepreneurially minded, passionate, and purpose-driven.

On the surface, this may sound like a negative thing for your business. If you value compliance, this new ‘breed’ of workers seems in opposition to your company goals. But studies show that compliance is not what drives employee performance. On the contrary, it’s passion and purpose that motivates workers to be productive. In this post, we discuss how fostering—rather than discouraging—these traits can help to boost your business’ bottom line.

Providing Purpose

For the purpose-driven worker, the “why” matters more than the “what.” Employees need to have a clear sense of purpose in order to operate in such a way that moves your business forward. Establishing this purpose goes beyond giving them a list of goals to accomplish. It requires that you involve them at every step of the process in creating those goals, and empowering them to take ownership of that process. By giving them creative input from the beginning, you establish trust and build positive relationships that will translate into purpose-driven productivity—or what we at Throwing Words have termed “relational productivity.”

Promoting Passion

Passionate employees will be more engaged and will likely outperform their compliant coworkers. Research shows that an engaged workforce is one of the largest driving factors of employee productivity. The reason for this is simple: employees who love what they do will be more motivated to produce at a higher rate. And most of us love doing what we’re good at. Therefore, it’s important to learn as much as you can about the people who work for you. Once you know their individual strengths and passions, you can leverage them to maximize the effectiveness of your team as a whole.

People are the key to unlocking the potential within your organization, and at Throwing Words, we specialize in helping businesses drive productivity through purpose-driven, passionate employees. If you’re struggling to motivate your workforce to perform, don’t wait.  Contact us today for a consultation. The success of your business depends on the success of your people!

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