The Evolution of Productivity

When you consider that disengaged employees cost the economy $350 billion a year in lost productivity, it becomes clear that our economic stability and continued growth hinges on making workplaces more productive. However, despite increasing pressures to improve productivity rates, many businesses continue to struggle. Why? In order to answer

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4 Keys To Achieving Engaged Employees

It’s no secret that engaged employees help foster a more productive workplace. One study by the Gallup Organization found that disengaged employees cost the economy $350 billion a year in lost productivity. Still, the question often remains: how do you achieve a happier, more engaged workforce? It’s a question that

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Beyond Buzzwords: Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a buzzword that’s tossed around a lot in corporate settings, often used interchangeably with phrases like “employee satisfaction” or “employee happiness.”  However, satisfaction and happiness, though they may be factors in determining an employee’s ultimate level of engagement, do not serve to fully define what engagement really

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