Relational Productivity & The Road to Super Bowl 50

Throwing WordsRelational ProductivityRelational Productivity & The Road to Super Bowl 50

Relational Productivity & The Road to Super Bowl 50

Part 2

This is part 2 of our “How Did He Do It? Leadership Lessons from Ron Rivera” blog series, outlining the leadership style of Ron Rivera, head coach of the Carolina Panthers.  It’s clear that Rivera’s leadership has played a part in transforming his team from the inside out.  

This is an approach Throwing Words defines as “relational productivity.” It’s a system that encourages individual team members to collectively leverage their strengths in order to become more engaged, more empowered, and more effective as a whole.  In Part 1, we talked about the first two ways that Rivera’s coaching promotes productivity. He engages his players and fosters a culture of authenticity.  In this last post, we’ll highlight the third way.

He Takes Chances.  After losing to the Buffalo Bills in 2013—the result of Rivera’s decision to play it safe—he had a near-death experience, which led to the realization that “life is too precious to hold back and play scared.” Since then, the Panthers have developed a reputation as a team that “goes for it” in pivotal moments, even when the risk is high. Rivera’s risky play calls have yielded mostly positive results for the team, and have since earned him the nickname “Riverboat Ron.”

While Rivera may not be familiar with the term relational productivity, he defines it by employing this term in his coaching every day.   This relational productivity leadership conviction is a difference maker and a driving factor behind the growth and success of the Carolina Panthers in recent years.  But no leader wins alone.  Talent is also a factor.  Under Coach Rivera’s leadership, the Panthers recruited this winning team for strong offense and defense, evidenced in part by Cam Newton winning the League’s MVP award of distinction.

CEOs and corporate business leaders should pay close attention to these outcomes of Ron Rivera’s exceptional leadership that are unfolding right now.  They have a shot at winning the Super Bowl 50.

What’s your big game?  


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