If you’ve ever broken up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, perhaps you’ve heard or used this phrase before. (Guilty….)

Throwing WordsCultureIf you’ve ever broken up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, perhaps you’ve heard or used this phrase before. (Guilty….)
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If you’ve ever broken up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, perhaps you’ve heard or used this phrase before. (Guilty….)

In the case of relationships, it’s a common excuse often used to let the other person down gently. Rarely does anyone buy into this famous five-word phrase.

But sometimes, it may actually be true. All of us have certain traits and characteristics that will naturally complement another person. There’s nothing wrong with them. They simply weren’t the right fit for you. Your personalities didn’t complement each other, and that’s okay. This is true when it comes to all types of relationships—romantic or otherwise.

The Costs of Hiring the Wrong People

It may cost tens of thousands of dollars to recruit, hire and train a new employee. If that person turns out to be the wrong fit for the job, you’re looking at time and money wasted, along with lost productivity, and lost customers. You are also looking at an overall reduction in employee morale, as that person has disrupted the workforce and corrupted your brand in the process. Not only that; when disengaged employees exit, it costs the company up to 48% – 61% of the position’s salary to train replacements.

That’s why it’s important to hire the right people the first time. Here are a few keys to ensuring you won’t have to have the “break-up conversation” with the people in your workforce.

Focus on talent. Talent goes way beyond education and experience. It encompasses a person’s way of thinking, behaving, and responding to certain situations. Taking talent into consideration—along with education and experience—can determine whether a potential employee is truly the right fit for a position. In order to hire the right talent, you must first assess the position you’re hiring for and determine what talents are needed to do the job and get along well with other team members. Then, you must assess the strengths and talents of candidates in order to find the right fit.

Go for variety. We have a tendency to hire people who are exactly like us, perhaps because we believe they will be easier to work with. But when considering the talents and assessing the strengths of potential candidates, it’s important to hire people with different, yet complementary qualities. As in the case of romantic relationships, it’s often true that “opposites attract.” Teams comprised of people with varying strengths will work together more effectively, ultimately increasing workplace productivity.

Read this post for a first-hand look at the power of strengths-based hiring and employee development.

Onboard effectively. Get new employees excited about the job by creating onboarding programs that motivate and encourage them to hit the ground running. The sooner they get up to speed with clear expectations and goals, the better off your organization will be.

Continue long-term development. Don’t make the mistake of believing that once the hiring process is over, your job is done. In order to retain top talent, you must focus on ensuring that employees remain engaged and empowered to accomplish their goals. People are your most powerful resource. Investing in their long-term development and training is just as important as selecting the right people for the job in the first place.

Perhaps you’re dealing with a disengaged workforce currently and don’t know where to go from here. Or, perhaps you’ve founded a startup and are wondering how to attract and retain top talent to your core team. At Throwing Words, we help companies unlock their true potential by focusing on the power of the people who are the driving force behind their organization’s success.

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