4 Human Traits to Advance Your Leadership

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4 Human Traits to Advance Your Leadership

Take your leadership to the next level…a human level. The rules in business are not resting in B2C or B2B categories for your customers any longer. This change in business is just as important to adapt internally. As a leader, humanizing your leadership tactics will advance your effectiveness and increases productivity within your employees.

As we often mention, relational productivity starts from the inside-out. Effective leaders do not merely direct or manage; they pave the path for others to walk and help them walk down it. They might even hold their hand if necessary.

We often use the terms ‘boss’, ‘manager’ and ‘leader’ as if they mean the same thing. But these terms are different, and it’s important to clearly define the differences between them. A boss is someone who is in charge or in control of a group or an organization. A manager is someone who manages the various moving parts of a project or business. A leader is someone who leads others in achieving a vision and set of goals. A boss does not always manage or lead. A manager might manage tasks, but not people, or vice versa, and he or she may or may not be effective at leading others. The following traits will enable H2H (human to human) leadership development in which will amplify the differences in what type of leader, manager or boss you want to be known for.

Trait #1: Humility

The key to humility is being self-less. This is often equated with a lack of confidence, but that’s far from true. Having a strong sense of self is important but knowing how to incorporate recognition of the team, encouraging successful efforts, actively listening and most improtantly openingly admitting mistakes. The best leaders must be humble enough to to see their mistakes are lessons learned to propel the team forward. They must also be willing to learn from the other members of their team as well, no matter their position. Each person has a unique set of strengths and ideas to bring to the table and should listen to each other if they’re going to be effective as a unit.

Trait #2: Tenacious

Great leaders do more than simply direct. They’re willing to get in the trenches when necessary and work alongside their employees to maximize the success of an organization. Determination is something that is displayed in everything you do. Being persistent and not being easily pursuaded creates a tenacious culture within the organization. Your employees will work harder to present solutions as the bar is elevated.

Trait #3: Inquisitive

And with that, they listen more than they talk. It may seem strange for a leader not to have all the answers, but by asking questions, you’re encouraging and empowering those around you to come up with the answers themselves rather than handing them the answers on a silver platter. Asking questions is an effective way to grow your team and make a difference. You encourage your employees to form their own opinions and develop their own point of view.

Trait #4: Creating Human Capital

To some, it may seem counterproductive to spend time developing the leadership skills of your team. After all, weren’t you the one hired to be the leader? However, good leaders are willing to spend time developing those who may end up taking their place (and that’s okay). As a leader, you should expect to develop, grow, and eventually move on to something different. And often, in order to do so, you must be willing to develop those under you to become leaders as well, with the knowledge that they may replace you when you take on another role – whether in your existing organization or in another one.

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