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In our talent selection work at Throwing Words, our clients are experiencing one or more of the following challenges:

  1. They have trouble finding the right people to fill jobs
  2. They know who their top employees are but struggle to give solid data on why
  3. They don’t have the time to weed through hundreds of resumes to find those who are the best fit
  4. They have limited budgets to invest in the development of their top employees

We work with clients to bring proven strategies and best practices to address these challenges:

  1. Can’t Find the Right People: we audit our client’s recruitment efforts and make recommendations for best in class strategies that include:
  • Employer Brand that connects with and appeals to candidates who fit your unique culture
  • Recruitment Advertising that maximizes your advertising investment and extends your reach
  • Interview Best Practices that uncover candidates’ natural talents and abilities
  • Psychometric Assessments that give you solid data on the common traits of your top performers and equip you to find candidates like them
  1. Common Traits of Your Top Performers: we provide two different interpretations to use in the recruitment and selection process:
  • Benchmark Interpretation provides a hiring manager with a visually clear, statistically valid report on how closely a candidate matches the profile of the highest performing people in the same role at the same company
  • Situational Interpretation provides a hiring manager a look at ten style dimensions of a candidate to identify areas that could be explored further to be more confident of a good match for the specific needs of the company
  1. Don’t Have Time to Weed Through Resumes: we equip clients to quickly and efficiently identify the right candidates with the most potential for success in a role using the Benchmark and Situational Interpretations above.
  2. Limited budgets: we provide an unlimited, low-cost subscription model that includes:
  • Psychometric assessments and reporting for the entire employee lifecycle: recruitment, personal growth, team building, coaching, training and leadership development
  • Culture Survey offering a clear and concise measure of organization culture
  • 360 multi-rater survey integrated into the psychometric assessment reporting
  • Training Needs Analysis that is linked directly to the training and coaching resources needed to take action
  • Coaches Companion provides a ready-to-use, personalized coaching program
  • Corporate Training modules that offer a comprehensive curriculum covering a wide range of essential skills
  • Trainers Companion allows trainers to deliver training by the participant experience that gives you the insights for masterful facilitation every time

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