A More Effective Path To A Better Workplace

We solve business problems through employee engagement and company culture, leveraging each stage of the employee lifecycle to reach performance excellence – and through it, business success.

Hire the Right Person, Every Time

At Throwing Words, we work with clients to bring proven strategies and best practices for attracting, interviewing and hiring top talent.

To identify talent and assess fit, we use best in class tools and processes:

Talent: We leverage the Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP) to identify and quantify talent. The LDP describes a person’s work style by measuring two primary sources of drive and motivation (Achievement Drive and Relational Drive) and ten supporting dimensions. Details on the LDP framework are below.

Fit: We use a structured interview process to evaluate a candidate’s preferred way of working and being managed and how that fits with the demands of the role, manager, team and organization.

Features/Benefits include:

  • Speed of Implementation: Tools can be set up quickly
  • Scalable: Can use for multiple positions
  • Affordable: Priced to meet the needs of large and small companies, looking to fill 10 or 1,000 positions
  • Throwing Words Experience: We are with you every step of the way, from needs assessment and LDP set-up to reviewing results and reporting

LDP Framework

Achievement Drive describes the focus and intensity with which an individual approaches common activities as well as long-term goals. At opposite ends of the Achievement Drive continuum, are two primary behavioral patterns: Methodical and Urgent. The five supporting characteristics, referred to as Achieving Dimensions, include:

  • Intensity, the drive to extend effort in meeting or exceeding expectations when performing common tasks.
  • Assertiveness, the confidence level in approaching one’s role and in asserting opinions.
  • Risk Tolerance, the propensity to accept risk in making decisions or taking actions in uncertain situations.
  • Adaptability, the interest in, or comfort level with changing or unplanned circumstances.
  • Decision-making, the extent to which one relies on intuition and experience (versus methodical analysis) in making decisions.

Relational Drive describes the extent to which an individual engages relationally in common circumstances. At opposite ends of the Relational Drive continuum, are two primary behavioral patterns: Guarded and Expressive. The five supporting characteristics, referred to as the Relating Dimensions, include:

  • Status Motivation, the drive to be personally recognized for efforts and accomplishments.
  • Consideration, the awareness of, and propensity to contemplate others’ feelings and needs.
  • Openness, the desire to learn and share personal information with others, including strangers.
  • Affiliation, the desire to collaborate or affiliate with others in performing common activities.
  • Self-protection, the level of trust in the intentions or reliability of others.

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