Creating a Killer Company Culture to Achieve Your Goals

Throwing WordsCultureCreating a Killer Company Culture to Achieve Your Goals
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Creating a Killer Company Culture to Achieve Your Goals

A company’s culture is made up of the values, beliefs, and attitudes of its people. It’s the vision, goals, norms, assumptions, systems, language, symbols, and habits that form the genetic code of your business.

Put another way, your culture is your DNA, and it’s made up of people. As you on-board new employees, and work to strengthen and grow your current teams, they all play a part in helping to shape your ultimate vision and create your culture.

Creating a killer company culture that achieves your goals starts with investing in the very people who make it up. This process can be defined through a series of actions.

#1. Assess current culture.

Learn the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of your employees and executives. Find out what frustrates them, what motivates them, how they view their current roles and responsibilities, and—perhaps most importantly—what strengths they bring to the table.

Interview key stakeholders, employees, and customers, and make a list of the common behaviors, attitudes, assumptions, systems, key words, symbols, and habits patterned throughout your conversations. Write down your current vision, goals, and priorities, and determine whether your viewpoint and that of your teams are aligned with your company’s overall mission.

Once you have a clear assessment of your current culture, you can begin to implement the necessary changes to improve it.

Tip: Be open to the unexpected. As your team grows, it’s natural for varying viewpoints to result in surprising, but rewarding, changes.

#2. Create a clear sense of purpose.

If you find throughout your conversations with employees and executives that they don’t seem aligned to your vision and mission, there could be several reasons for this: perhaps they don’t agree with it, or they don’t understand it. Either way, this is your opportunity to work together to establish a clear sense of purpose by making revisions.

If your employees are able to play a part in defining your mission, they’ll be more likely to buy into it and feel that what they do actually matters and is making a measurable impact on your company’s success. Employees with a clear sense of purpose will feel more engaged and empowered, which brings us to the next action step.

#3. Engage and empower your workforce.

Employee engagement and empowerment play a huge role in creating a successful company culture. As mentioned above, your people must first have a clear sense of purpose and believe that what they do is making a difference in achieving that purpose, in order to be engaged and empowered to take action.

Check out this post and this post for helpful tips on achieving a more engaged and empowered workforce.

Creating a killer culture that achieves your goals is an important step in improving your bottom line. At Throwing Words, we believe that people are the key to unlocking the true power and potential behind your organization. Investing in your culture means investing in them, by aligning their strengths and actions to a clearly defined set of goals aimed at achieving a common overall mission.


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