3 Simple Steps to a More Productive Workplace

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3 Simple Steps to a More Productive Workplace

We talk a lot about how employee engagement is an important piece in the productivity puzzle. With that comes the often-asked question, “how exactly do you engage your employees? How do you get them excited about coming to work every day?”

Our work with clients typically involves a three-step process toward relational productivity. We’ve seen such fantastic results in the form of more engaged employees and better performance, that we’ve decided to briefly outline this process here for our readers:

Step 1: Self-Awareness

The first building block of relational productivity is awareness: the individual knowing her strengths—what she does best and how she can be the best version of herself. It starts with knowing what you’re good at. Once you know what you’re good at, you can begin to put it into practice. You’re more likely to be engaged in your work when you’re doing what you do best every day.

We recommend using the Gallup StrengthsFinder® tool to assess individual strengths. This is a great tool for introducing your teams to a strengths-based approach to productivity.

Step 2: Team Integration

Once everyone knows her strengths, the next step is to integrate your findings into your workplace culture. To start with, focus on a single project and ask yourself, “how do I integrate what I know about me with what I know about my teammates?” Knowing the strengths of each individual enables you to organize everyone into effective teams for maximum performance. As you begin to see changes, commit to regular checkpoints and planning sessions to measure and plan for the future. Make sure your meetings are productive and allow for participation from all team members.

Step 3: Better Performance

I suppose you could call this more of a result than a step in the process, but truly maximizing productivity means continually cycling through and honing these activities as your team continues to grow. Over time, you’ll see evidence of higher engagement and better performance again and again. And as you analyze your results, you’ll find better ways to implement the first two steps each time you cycle. Evidence comes in various forms, but here are a few examples from our recent work with one client:

  • Shorter turnaround times
  • Fewer mid-project revisions
  • Deeper relationships with team members and with clients/customers
  • Fewer silos–which means more input from everyone on the team, more creativity, and better results


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